Compassionate Leave Letter Sample

We will show here how to write a letter requesting a compassionate leave.

Make sure that you have a valid reason before you start. Compassionate leaves are special types of leaves given in the events of death, family member sickness, and similar tragic incidents.

If you don't fall under one of these categories then don't apply otherwise you will be at risk of losing your credibility.

How to write a compassionate leave request?

  • Explain the situation in details. Give a genuine and valid reason.

  • Provide accurate leave and return dates. In many cases the return date is not known; in this case, give an estimation with the possibility of extension.

  • Assure to your employers that workflow will not be affected. Indicate who will cover for you in your absence.

Sample letter:

Dear [Manager Name],

I am writing this letter to request for a compassionate leave so that I can stay next to my wife during and after her surgery which is due on [some date].

I am planning to leave on [start date] and return somewhere around [some date].

I have spoken to John and he is willing to cover for me during my absence.

I appreciate your understanding.


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Compassionate Leave Letter Sample