Day Off Request Letter Sample

How to request a day off from your manager

First of all, you are not obliged to give a reason for your leave but you are better off doing so.

Determine the type of leave as whether it is paid or not. Some types of leaves include annual, compensatory, sick, unpaid, etc...

If it is not an emergency leave, then give your manager enough time to plan for your absence even it is for one day. Avoid last-minute notices.

One last thing, make sure to prepare a plan on how work will be handled in your absence (who will do what), this the most important thing.

Now let us put all this together in a nice well-formatted letter.

Sample letter to request a day off from your boss

Dear [Manager Name],

I would like to kindly ask for one day off on [exact date] because [give a reason - optional]

[colleague name] will cover for me on that day.

Please count this day against my annual leave balance.

Thank you for understanding.

Best Regards

Day Off Request Letter Sample