Employee Transfer Letter One Branch Another

Employee Request Letter to Transfer From One Branch to Another

Dear Manager Name,

I would like to express my wish to be transferred from (current branch name) to (target branch name). The reason being is that it is closer to my house and I have been spending a lot of time commuting back and forth everyday. If I spend less time on the road then I will have more energy while at the office, which will have a positive impact on my work. I kindly ask you to consider my transfer request.

Thank you for understanding.


Transfer Notification Letter from One Branch to Another

Dear [Employee Name],

We would to inform you that you will be transferred from [current branch name] to [target branch name] starting from [some date].

You are one of our top talents and we need all the expertise in the newly established branch. This transfer comprises a substantial push given the enormous progress opportunities there. We are confident that you will enjoy your new work environment. Wish you the best of luck.


Employee Transfer Letter One Branch Another