Meeting Request Email and Letter Sample

Meeting letter vs Meeting Email

Should you send your meeting request via email or letter? Well, it all depends on who is going to receive your request. If it is a government official, then most probably you will need a formal letter. If it is a client, then an email will do just fine.

Meeting checklist, before you send your email

  • It is a good idea to check the availability of the person by phone; for example, by calling their secretory or the reception. The last thing you want is for emails to go back and forth trying to schedule a meeting. Aim for success from the first try. Of course this is optional.

  • Make sure that you yourself are available. Many people forget that have they already have other commitments at the proposed time of the meeting.

  • Check the correct job title, position, and name of the person. Do your research properly.

  • Depending on the situation, you may need to consider incentives to increase the chances of fixing the appointment. Business lunch is a common tactic to lure a client to accept the meeting.

How to request a meeting or an appointment via email? Format and outline:

  • Introduction Start your email with introducing yourself if necessary especially if you are sending the request on behalf of your manager. Also, it very helpful to mention the name of the person who suggested the meeting or gave you the contact details.

  • State the reason for the meeting. Try to be as convincing as possible by providing mutually beneficial reasons. Your proposition needs to encompass value and entice curiosity at the same time.

  • Check for their availability. Propose a date and a time but be flexible. It is best to suggest a time frame instead of a fixed time. Ask the recipient to suggest another time of their preference.

  • Propose a location for the meeting. Also here be flexible in your choice. If the recipient is not familiar with the venue, provide directions and a map.

  • Ask the recipient for acknowledge the receiving of your request and to confirm the meeting.

Increasing the odds meeting acceptance

The three factors that increase the chances of your meeting request being accepted are:
  • A good time

  • A good location

  • A good reason

Consider these factors while drafting your letter. When you have a good reason to meet someone coupled with a convenient location and time, you are almost guaranteed a confirmation. Just as stated above, the business lunch trick works wonders.

No reply to your meeting request, what do you do?

You sent a meeting request but you got no reply. That is perfectly fine, don’t panic. There are four reasons why that might have happened:
  • The recipient did not get your meeting invitation in the first place

  • The timing was not convenient

  • The location was not convenient

  • The reason for the meeting was not interesting or irrelevant

If you find yourself in such a situation, send a follow-up email addressing each of these points.

  • Ask the recipient whether they received your first request.

  • Ask the recipient to pick up a date, time, and location of their choice.

  • Reinforce the importance of the meeting for the other person.

Later on this page, you will find a ready-made follow-up template that you can use.

Your meeting request has been accepted: what do you do?

  • Reply to the person thanking them for accepting the meeting

  • If you are making the meeting request on behalf someone else (if you are secretary to the CEO for example) then you need to send a confirmation email to both sides to inform them that the meeting has been successfully scheduled.

  • Prepare for the meeting and make proper arrangements. This goes without saying but still.

Your meeting request has been rejected, what do you do?

Well, it all depends on the reason of rejection. If the time is not good, propose another. If the location is not good, again propose another location.

If the reason for the meeting is not interesting enough, rephrase your offer to make it look more appealing.

Don’t be too much insistent. Whatever the reason is, thank them for the reply and their time.

Meeting Request Email and Letter Sample

Dear [Recipient Name]
I am writing to request a meeting with you to discuss [topic/topics to discuss]. Please tell me your available dates and timings and I will adjust accordingly.
I appreciate your consideration and hope to meet you soon. Thank you for your time.
Best Regards

Official or formal meeting invitation email sample

Dear [Recipient Name]
My name is […] and I am contacting you on behalf of [company name], which is [describe company activities].
I appreciate if we can meet at a mutually convenient time to talk about [topic/topics].
Thank you for your consideration and your time. I am looking forward to meet you.
Best Regards

Sample email to arrange a meeting with client

Dear [Recipient Name]
My name is [….] and I am contacting you on behalf of [company name], which is [describe company activities].
I would like to request for a meeting with someone from the [management/marketing department/etc…] to discuss [topic or topics].
Anytime between [date and time 1] and [date and time 2] would be great but I am more willing to adjust to another convenient date and time of your choice.
Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards

An email template to schedule a business meeting

Dear [Recipient Name]
My name is […] from [company name], which is a [company description].
I am trying to locate someone from the [marketing department, accounting department, etc…] to meet and discuss [topic or topics].
I appreciate if you could point me in the right direction by providing the name and contact details of the most suitable person.
Thank you very much for your time.
Best Regards

Example of formal meeting appointment request

Dear [Client Name],

My name is [__________] from [your company]. [Mr. John] gave me your email address because he thought that we have a mutual benefit in discussing [some topic].

I would like to request that we schedule a formal meeting at your earliest availability to further discuss and explore ideas that are of interest for both of us.

Are you available on [some date and time]? If not, then please feel free to propose a convenient time.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Best Regards

Meeting Invitation Message Samples

Dear [Recipient Name],

My name is [name] from [your company name]. I would like to grasp this opportunity to ask you to accept my invitation to an official meeting to discuss [some topic]. There are mutual benefits for us to meet and expand on these ideas.

If you are interested in the prospects of such a discussion, please signal your availability and I shall make myself free. May I suggest [some date and place]?

I look forward to your affirmative response. Thank you.


Letter Requesting a Meeting With a Government Official Template

Dear [Government Official Name],

My name is [your name] and I contacting you on behalf of [agency name].

[Background paragraph on what you do and why you want to meet the government official].

I was wondering if I could take a few minutes from your busy to schedule to ask you few questions about [some topic]. Please indicate a convenient date and time and I shall make all the necessary arrangements.

Thank you very much in advance. Looking forward to your affirmative response.


Email sample requesting one on one meeting with manager, boss or CEO

Dear [Manager Name],

I was wondering if we can meet at your earliest convenient time to discuss [some topic]. I apologize for the short notice but this is kind of an urgent matter. Would Sunday, 15 June 3 PM suit you?

Thank you very much for your time.

Best Regards

Sample letter requesting a meeting with employees

Dear Staff,

You are invited to join the semi-annual performance meeting that is going to take place on the 20th of January at the corporate headquarters. We are going to discuss this year's achievements as well as shortcomings and plan for the next year.

Your presence is very important. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Best Regards

Business lunch invitation email

Dear [Recipient Name],

My name is John Smith and I am contacting you on behalf of Apple Inc.

Please accept my invitation to a friendly lunch to discuss [some matter]. Should you decide to honor me with your presence, please meet me at The Valley restaurant at 1:30 PM on Sunday 20th January. If you prefer that we meet at a different date or time, then please share your availability and I am more than willing to adjust.

I appreciate that you an acknowledge my request and that you accept my invitation.

Best Regards

Meeting request follow-up

Dear [recipient name],

I was wondering whether you received my meeting request that I sent on February 3rd?

In case you didn't, then please accept my request to meet you on a date and time that are convenient for you in order to discuss [some important matter].

I really appreciate that you acknowledge my request and I really hope that we can meet soon.

Best Regards

How to ask and schedule a formal business meeting appointment with a client via email?

1) Introduce your self.

2) If you were referred by someone, mention it, it will make the process of scheduling a meeting appointment much easier.

3) Request for a formal meeting appointment with your client.

4) Ask the client about their availability and optionally propose a date and time.

5) Thank the client for their time and consideration.

Meeting Request Email and Letter Sample