Interdepartmental Transfer Letter Format

An interdepartmental transfer could mean one of two things:

1) A request from an employee to be transferred to another department.

2) A letter from the company to inform staff that they will be transferred.

In this article, we are going to show samples for both scenarios.

How to write a letter to request for department transfer?

  • Identify yourself.

  • Provide the name of the department where you currently work.

  • State the name of the department to where you wish to be transferred.

  • Provide one or more valid reasons like "uncomfortable working hours", "location issues" or "better familiarity with the job".

Sample letter

Dear HR Department,

My name is John Smith, currently working in the sales department with employee ID 1234.

I would like to request that I get transferred from the sales to the marketing department for the following reasons:

1) My experience is more aligned with marketing activities.

2) I prefer indoor activities especially that I don't own a vehicle

3) I find the working shifts of marketing to be better and more suitable for me.

I appreciate your understanding.

Thank you very much for your time.


How to write a letter to inform an employee that they will be transfered to another department?

  • Start with the statement. Inform them of the transfer decision.

  • Explain the reasons that led to the decision.

  • Mention the effective date of the transfer.

  • Give assurance to them that this transfer is in the best interest of everyone.

  • Wish them good luck.

Sample letter

Dear Employee Name:

We would like to inform you that you will be transferred from the sales department into the marketing department effective July 2019.

The reason for this change is the fact that we are short on people in marketing and your skills are best suited to fill the gap.

We believe that this transfer is in the best interest of you and as well as the company.

We wish you the best of luck in the new role.

Best Regards

Interdepartmental Transfer Letter Format