One Hour Permission Letter

So you want to take an hour off and you are not sure how to make the request. Let us show you how this is done with some examples. But first the checklist:
Leaving the office checklist:
  • Does it have to be during working hours?

  • Is there a valid reason? Optional.

  • Will business be affected?

  • Is there anyone to cover for you?

  • Are you giving your boss at least one day notice to cope with your absence?

Writing the letter

Start by requesting permission to leave office while indicating the exact and time.

State the reason for your leave or just say "private matter" if you prefer not to disclose the reason.

Inform your manager about the person covering for you if required.

Sample letter:

Dear Manager Name,

I would like to leave the office for one hour on Thursday from 10 AM to 11 AM for a private matter.

John will be covering for me during that time.

Thank you for understanding.

Best Regards

One Hour Permission Letter