Property Damage Claim Letter Sample

A property claim letter is a letter that you would normally send to the insurance company to claim reimbursement as a result of damages to your property.

The damages need to be covered by the policy otherwise your claim will be probably rejected.

Claim letter checklist:

Note down the following before you start writing your letter:
  • Insurance policy number

  • Property identification number as mentioned in the policy

  • Property location

  • Damage description and date

  • Supporting documents. you may need to send pictures of the damage along with your claim letter.

  • Damage Cause: what caused the damage?

Now that you have all the details ready, it is time to draft your letter.

Start with the statement: a simple "I am sending you this letter to claim a damage to my property that is located at [property location] and insured with your company under policy number 12345]." will do just fine.

Then proceed with describing the damage. describe when it happened, how it happened, and as a result of what.

Attach with your letter the supporting documents

Putting it altogether, a sample letter to claim property damage

Dear [Insurance Company],

I would like to raise a claim regarding a damage that has recently occurred to my property number [1234] located at [propety location] and covered with you under policy number [4567].

The damage happened on [some date] as a result of [cause].

Attached with the letter are the necessary documents to support my claim.

Kindly acknowledge the receiving of this letter and the processing of the claim.

Please contact me if you require further documents or information.

Best Regards

Property Damage Claim Letter Sample