Requisition Letter Meaning

What is a requisition letter and how to write one?

A requisition letter is a formal letter mainly used in work environments to request materials, products, services and other things. It documents the request and puts it in process.

Most requisitions go through an approval cycle, so it is very common for the requisition letter to be submitted internally to an authorized person for approval first.

Examples of requisition letters:

  • Product Requisition: request the purchase of products for the business

  • Equipment requisition: order new equipment

  • Material requisition: request material for a project or construction site

  • Service Requisition: to acquire a service from provider

  • Meeting Requisition: to request to meet someone

  • Job Requisition: used to enquire about a job vacancy

How to write a requisition letter?

  • Identify yourself. Mention the department, unit, or division your work for as well as your position.

  • List the items that you wish to acquire in detail (quantity, brand, type, etc...)

  • Provide a business justification for your request. This is the most important step as it determines whether or not your request will be approved. Provide a valid business argument.

  • Give a time frame to when you need the items. The last thing you want is for the materials to arrive too late.

Below is a sample letter written to demonstrate the steps explained above. We use the example of requisition for materials for a project.

Dear Procurement Manager,

As you already know, we are now halfway through in the construction phase and materials levels are nearing their end.

In order to continue the work and deliver the project on time, we need to order new material and get them delivered no later than January 9.

Attached with email is a list of the required material with their respective quantities and cost. Please approve the requisition of these materials as soon as possible.


Requisition Letter Meaning