Sample Compliment Letter For Good Customer Service

How to write a letter to compliment someone on good work or customer service?

  • Start with the congratulation statement.

  • Thank the staff for their dedication and service. Explain how much important it is for the company.

  • Explain to them the things that made them exceptional and made the clients satisfied.

  • Cite a specific incident as an example (optional).

  • Ask the staff to continue what they are doing.

  • Wish them good luck.

Sample letter

Dear [Staff Name],

On behalf of the management, I would like to congratulate you on the outstanding and exceptional customer service that you showed in the last couple of months.

Almost all of the clients showed great satisfaction levels while dealing with you and valued your fast response in particular.

We are all very proud of you and appreciate your dedication and commitment. Your work is important for the organization and is one of the things that keeps us going forward.

Thank you very much. Keep up the good work

Best Regards

Sample Compliment Letter For Good Customer Service