Sample Letter Of Correction Of Error

It is not uncommon to encounter errors and mistakes when dealing with others. Some can be handled verbally while some require a formal letter or email.

We explain in this article how to write a letter in response to an error.

Error correction letter format:

  • Identify yourself.

  • Describe the situation and the error that occurred.

  • Attach supporting documents.

  • Request for correction or amendment.

Below is one sample letter. We used the

Sample letter

Dear [Recipient Name],

I am writing this email to draw your attention to an error in my credit card statement for the month of October.

There seems to be a mistake in calculating the interest. Instead of a 3.5% interest rate, it should be 2.5%.

Enclosed with this email is the statement with the error highlighted in yellow.

Please look into this matter and do the necessary changes.

Looking forward to your response and feedback.

Best Regards

Sample Letter Of Correction Of Error