Sample Warning Letter For Misbehavior

We are going to learn the proper way of writing a warning letter to some who violated the conduct code at the workplace, school, and other places.

Verbal Warning

Before you start writing the letter, make sure that you exhausted other options first.

Usually, a warning letter follows a verbal warning as an escalation measure. Speak to the person first before you issue a warning note.

Warning letter checklist

1) Note down the date and time of the violation.

2) Note down documented evidence of the incident (CCTV, witness names, etc..)

3) Note down the type of violation

4) Note down the article or section number of the policy that was violated.

5) Note down the consequences and corresponding actions to the said violation.

6) Search through the target person's history for similar offenses.

How to write the letter

  • Begin with the statement. Inform the user about their misbehavior and the category it falls in.

  • If the warning letter is a followup to a verbal warning, remind them of that.

  • Hint to the person that evidence or witnesses exist but don't reveal too much info at this time, only later when necessary.

  • Explain to the person which code they violated and how.

  • Request from the person not to repeat the offense and adhere to the rules.

  • Explain to the person violator what happens if they continue to misbehave.

  • If necessary, demand ramifications based on the situation (apology etc..).

Sample letter to employee for misbehaving at work:

Mr. [John Smith],

This letter is with regards to the inappropriate behavior that you exhibited in the meeting room on Monday.

We would like to remind you that what you did was unacceptable at any level as and it is considered a clear violation of the code of conduct and company policies.

We request from you to familiarize yourself with the company policies and do your best to comply with them.

This warning will go into your file. We would like to remind you that the repeating of this offense may result in the termination of your employment contract. Let us hope it doesn't reach that point.

Best Regards

Sample Warning Letter For Misbehavior