Appeal Letter for Promotion

It's been a long time since you got promoted or the latest promotion wave did not catch you, sounds familiar? Don’t worry, nothing that an appeal promotion letter cannot fix.

How to write a letter to management to complain about not being promoted?

  • Start with the facts. State your name, your position, your joining date, and the total years of service. Skip basic info if the recipient knows you very well.

  • Write a short paragraph describing your disappointment, frustration, or surprise from the fact that you were not promoted.

  • Give the reader reasons to why you think you deserve a promotion.

  • Demand an explanation as to why you were not promoted for a long time or why others got promotions but not you.

  • Show flexibility and leniency through your willingness to do what's required to merit a promotion.

  • Request for a decision review.

  • Thank the management for their time and consideration.

Sample letter to appeal for not being promoted for a long time

Dear Management,

My name is [John Smith], working as an accountant since 2006.

I am writing this letter to express my disappointment from the fact that it has been almost five years since I joined the company and still haven’t been promoted nor had I been assigned higher responsibilities despite the fact that I have demonstrated unconditional commitment and dedication all of those years.

My performance reviews have always been outstanding and my managers attest to my abilities, to my understanding of the demands of the job, and to my readiness to a more senior role.

If there is a specific reason preventing such a promotion, then I think it is my right to know about it. If there are certain goals that I need to achieve, then I am more than willing to work towards achieving them, but to be honest I was never informed of any specific targets to merit a promotion.

With the absence of a valid reason, I think I deserve a promotion given my performances and my dedication. I hereby kindly ask you to look into my rightful request and take the necessary actions as you see fit.

Thank you for your time and consideration


Sample letter to appeal for not being included in a recent wave of promotions

Dear Management,

It came to my attention that my name was among the people who were recently promoted as part of the ongoing role reviews at the company.

I find that to be quite surprising given the fact that some of the promoted staff joined long after I did and others have not demonstrated the same level of dedication and commitment that I have been exhibiting for almost ten years now.

I don’t like to make comparisons to others as each person is unique in their own way, but when it comes to business and productivity, the criteria for promotions should be well defined and there should not be much room for subjectivity.

If there is a specific reason as to why I was not among those who got promoted, then please share it with me, otherwise kindly review my rightful request for a higher position given my solid performances, dedication, and commitment.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Appeal Letter for Promotion