Appointment Letter Format For Consultant

Sample Appointment Letter for a Consultant

[Ref Number]

[Staff Name]

Appointment Letter

We are pleased to appoint you (the “Employee”) as Consultant with the following terms and conditions:

1. Job Title and Description- The Employee will be employed in the position of Consultant – [City] division of the Company.

2. Joining Date - The Employee’s employment will commence on the first day of attendance at which the Employee, after completing all labour licensing and other requirements, is advised by the Company to present themselves for work. The expected date of commencement of this employment is [Date].

3. Salary Break up- The Employee shall be paid a monthly remuneration of [Salary] per month, which is comprised of the following amounts:

a. Basic Salary ____________
b. Accommodation Allowance ____________
c. Transportation ____________

Appointment Letter Format For Consultant