Appreciation Letter To School Principal

Steps for writing a letter to appreciate the efforts of the school principal:

  • Start with thanking the principal on their performance
  • Talk about the benefits that they brought in.
  • Talk about their impact.
  • Discuss the benefits from the point of view of the students, the parents, and the teachers.
  • Encourage them and ask them to continue what they are doing.

Sample Letter

Dear [Principal Name],

On behalf of the board members, the parents, and the students, I would like to congratulate you on the fantastic changes that you have brought in to the school this academic year.

The improvements have been truly dramatic. I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation and everyone else’s to the work and the effort that you have put in to take the school into the next level.

It is not often that you hear the students talking enthusiastically about the school or the teachers. This shows the impact and the magnitude of the recent changes. If the students are happier, then we are definitely on the right track.

In addition, a significant number of parents have reported that their children have become more relaxed to discuss their school at home. Your philosophy of enhancing campus life clearly paid off.

Finally, the teachers have expressed their fulfillment with the curriculum amendments that were recently introduced. They always backed up the idea of reducing classroom work in favor of field education. They are happy that at last someone listened to their suggestions.

Please proceed with your improvement plans. We are all very appreciative of what you have accomplished and we look forward to more success, which we know that you are very much capable of.


Appreciation Letter To School Principal