Audit Acceptance Letter

How to write a letter to accept an audit assignment, step by step?

  • Acknowledge the receiving of the audit assignment.
  • Reference the audit assignment date and number.
  • Declare your acceptance of the auditing project.
  • Specify the starting date and the duration.
  • Specify the laws, the regulations, and the standards under which the audit will be conducted.
  • Explain the scope of the audit: what will be audited.
  • Explain the risks or the exclusions, i.e. items that cannot or will not be audited.
  • Describe the outcomes of the audit, the deliverables.

Sample Letter

Dear [Recipient Name],

With reference to the audit request that you sent on [some date], we are glad to inform you that we decided to accept the assignment as per specified terms and conditions. Listed below is an outline of the project scope:

1) The audit will be conducted from [start date] till [end date].
2) Area of audit: [list of departments of entities included in the audit]
3) Audit scope: [the type of the audit: financial, fraud, etc. what will be audited]
4) Audit Standard: [the framework used in the audit process]
5) Exclusions: [what is not included in the audit]
6) Deliverables: [a brief description of outcomes and the reports that will be delivered ]
Going further from here, we propose the following action plan:
1) Your finance department will provide…..
2) Our team will be given access to…..
3) Additional points
4) ……
5) …….

Thank you again for your trust. Looking forward to doing business with you.


Audit Acceptance Letter