Authorization Letter For Salary

How to write a letter to authorize someone to collect a salary on your behalf?

  • Identify the object that will be collected, in your case it is your salary.

  • Be specific if needed. For example, say "my January salary" or "my end of service salary". If you want to authorize a repeated action then you can just say "my salary".

  • Identify the authorized person. Provide their name as well as their ID number.

  • State an expiration date for the actions.

Sample letter

Dear [Recipient Name],

I hereby authorize my cousin, Mr. John Smith, to collect my end of service salary from you.

Mr. John's ID number is 1224567. Only he is permitted to collect my salary so please make the necessary identification checks.

This authorization is for valid from 1 January 2019 to 1 March 2019 and for one time only [or can be used multiple times].


Authorization Letter For Salary