College Admission Cancellation Letter

How to write a letter to cancel your admission from college or university?

There is more than one way to cancel your admission but they all basically boil up to the same thing.

Accepted Vs In Progress

The format of the letter changes depending on your status:
  • Already Accepted: this applies if you have already received your admission acceptance letter.
  • In progress: you filled and submitted your application but you are still waiting for the verdict.

Letter checklist, before you start

Note down the below details before you start:
  • Your college number, which could be your student number, acceptance number, or any identification code that was assigned to you by the college.

  • Your acceptance date (if applicable), which is the same date as that of the acceptance letter.

  • Your application date, which is the date you submitted your application.
It is also important to read the college admission policy and consult with the registrar office to mark any refunds that you may be eligible for. Usually, application fees are not refundable but there are exceptions.

The letter formatting

  1. Introduce yourself by indicating your name, identification number, your major, and the dates of your application and acceptance if applicable.

  2. State your willingness to cancel your admission and withdraw from the college. Provide a convincing and irrefutable reason for doing so.

  3. Ask the admission office to acknowledge the receiving of your cancellation request.

  4. Ask the admission office about the next steps to complete the cancellation process

Sample letter to cancel your college admission before being accepted:

Dear Registrar Office,
I am sending you this letter to cancel my admission application to [York College], which was submitted on [15 July 2018] under the name of [your name] for the fall term of 2018, due to [provide a valid reason].
I believe that under the current policy term I am exempt from any penalties as well as being eligible for a partial refund of the application fees.
I would like to kindly ask you to acknowledge my request and confirm that you that will process it accordingly. Please advise whether I need to do anything else other than this letter to complete the cancellation process.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Best Regards

Sample cancellation letter after being accepted to college

Dear Registrar Office,

Thank you very much for accepting me into your prestigious college. Having said that, I regret to inform you that I will not be able to join due to [some reason].

Listed below are details pertaining to the application for your reference:

Application number:
Application date:

Please confirm that you have received my request and that it has been put into processing.

Thank you very much


College Admission Cancellation Letter