Direct Claim Letter Sample

What is a direct claim letter and how to write one?

When someone has to provide you something, you have the right to claim it and that is what claim letters are all about: requesting for what are entitled to, which could be money, vacation, reimbursement, etc…

How to write a convincing claim letter?

  • Identify yourself

  • Explain the situation in details. Provide facts in the form of numbers, names, and dates.

  • List your rights. Reference polices, contracts, or laws if necessary.

  • Make a demand or a claim.

  • Give a deadline if necessary.

  • Request for actions of feedback.

Let us see how we can put this outline into a real-life example. We use the simple car accident claim format for illustration.

Sample Claim Letter

Dear [Insurance Representative],

On the 3rd of July 2018, I had a minor car accident in my vehicle that is insured with your company under policy number 123456.

As per the policy terms, I am entitled to a temporary replacement car while my vehicle is being repaired. I appreciate your cooperation in providing the said car as soon as possible.

If you require further details then please contact me.

Anticipating your cooperation.


Direct Claim Letter Sample