Experience Certificate Letter Format

How to write and format an experience certificate to an employee?

  • Identify the person by name.
  • Specify the last job title of the employee.
  • Specify the start and end dates of the employment period.
  • Mention any promotions if applicable.
  • List the tasks and responsibilities held at the company.
  • Write a sentence or two to assess the employee during their service.

Sample Letter

[Company Name]
Subject: Experience Letter

To whom it may concern:

This is to certify that [Mr. John Smith] worked in [Company Name] in the capacity of [Job Title] from [employment starting date] until [employment end date].

He started his journey as [starting job title] and was later promoted to [title at the time of exit].

[Mr. John] was primarily responsible for _________________ and his everyday tasks list included:

1) ____________
2) ____________
3) ____________

During his employment period, [Mr. John] exhibited professional behavior as well as inherent traits to successfully complete projects and tasks on time.

We are proud that we had him in own team and wish him the best in his future endeavors.


Experience Certificate Letter Format