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Annual Leave Policy

What is a leave policy and why do you need one?

The objective of the annual leave policy is to standardize the process and practice of employees taking leaves throughout the organization in order to sustain business workflow and operations without disruption.
Every organization needs the policy to inform its staff of the proper procedure for applying to a planned leave.
Below is a ready to use sample leave policy that can download and use as it is. Feel free to modify to fit the needs of your organization.

Compassionate and Urgent Leave Policy

What is a compassionate leave and how to grant one?

Urgent or compassionate leave may be provided to an employee due to the extremely serious or grave nature of the illness of a direct family member.
It is inevitable that someone at your company will have to deal with the death or illness of a family member and you need to notify and your employees for such situations.
The purpose of the compassionate leave policy is to standardize the processing of urgent leaves. Compassionate leave is defined as the leave which may be provided to an employee due to the bereavement or passing away of a direct family member.

Employee Grievance Policy

What is a grievance policy and how to use it?

The grievance policy outlines the process by which an organization responds to an employee complaint due to injustice.
It is important for every company to have such a policy and educate the staff of its usage.
Promotion of justice and fairness is the pillar of successful corporations. Download the sample grievance policy and learn more how to standardize and handle employees' complaints.

Sample Job Appointment Letter

Employment Contract Amendment Sample Letter

Human Resources Recruitment Policy Sample Template

Below you will find a sample HR policy for recruiting in an organization. This document serves as a good starting point. Modify and add to the sample policy as needed.

Some of the points discussed in the document include: manpower planning, candidate recruitment process, candidate assessment, candidate compensation, sourcing applicants, internal job posting (IJP) guidelines, external job posting guidelines, rehire of ex-employees, candidate screening, interview panel guidelines, candidate selection guidelines, offer of employment, background verification and reference check, online and offline recruitment partner empanelment guidelines, etc...

HR On-boarding and Orientation Policy

Below is sample onboarding and orientation policy that you can use to streamline the process of employees joining your organization. The policy discusses welcoming of the staff, support, joining day activities, learning and development, welcome email, welcome kit, etc..