Insurance Claim Letter For Reimbursement

How to write a claim letter to reimburse from insurance company

What is a reimbursement claim letter?

A reimbursement claim letter is a document that you need to send to your insurance company to claim money or other of compensation.

When do you need to a reimbursement claim form?

You need a claim form whenever you encounter an accident that is covered by your insurance company. The sooner you make the claim the better.

How do I know if I am covered and whether I am eligible for reimbursement?

Look into the insurance policy. Situations under which you are covered have to be listed there.

How to write a reimbursement letter? The checklist...

Before you begin, note down the following:
  • Insurance policy number
  • Insurance policy start and end dates
  • Details of items covered by the policy if applicable; for example, vehicle plate number in case of auto insurance.
  • Incident details: time, place, etc...
  • The section of the policy that shows that you are eligible for reimbursement. This is not mandatory but it helps to show the insurance company that you have read the policy and that you understand your rights very well.

Steps to write a reimbursement claim:

  • Specify the purpose of the letter.
  • Introduction: introduce yourself. Mention your personal details as well as the policy number.
  • Describe the incident in details.
  • Make your claim and request for reimbursement

Sample letter to claim insurance reimbursement

Your Name

Recipient Name

My name is [John Smith] and I have an active medical insurance policy with your company. The policy number is [123456789]. I am writing you this letter to claim reimbursement for the medical tests that I had last week.

Enclosed with this letter are the medical test details, bills, and other supporting documents for your reference and review. According to section 5 of the policy, I am entitled to [80%] reimbursement percentage.

Kindly acknowledge the receiving of this claim and advise whether I have to fill some form or whether you require other documents to complete the claim request.

Looking forward to your response and cooperation.


Insurance Claim Letter For Reimbursement