Leave Sanction Letter Format

What is a leave sanction letter?

A sanction, in this context, means approval, so leave sanction means "leave approval".

It is a letter that a company or an organization provides to their staff in order to show that they have no objection to the employee leaving the workplace for a specified period of time, possibly for traveling to another country.

Who requires the leave sanction letter and why do they need it?

The leave sanction letter is usually required by authorities in a foreign country as part of the visa application. This sanction letter is needed to reduce the possibility of a visitor overstaying or illegally immigrating because:

  • A person who has a job is unlikely to leave suddenly especially if they have been with a company for a long time.
  • A person who has a job is unlikely to relinquish their end of service allowance.
  • A person who has a job may face legal actions if they quit prematurely.
  • A person who is able to acquire a leave sanction is likely to be in good terms with their employers.

How to write a leave sanction letter?

Think of the leave sanction letter as a combination of a job confirmation letter and a leave approval letter. Below are the steps for writing such a letter.

  • Mention the employee’s name, staff ID, and job title.
  • Mention the joining date or the duration of work.
  • Assert that the employee is still working with you.
  • Signal your approval for the employee’s leave.
  • Mention the start date, end date, or the duration for the approved leave.

Sample letter template:

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to confirm that [Mr. John Smith] is an employee of [Company Name] since [joining date] and currently serves in the capacity of [job title].

[Company Name] has no objection for [Mr. John] to be off duty from [starting date] till [end date].
This letter was provided upon his request.


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