Loan Acknowledgement Letter

How to write a letter to confirm a loan?

  • Write down the borrower’s name and account/loan number.
  • State the loan date.
  • Indicate the outstanding amount against the loan.
  • Include a liability waiver clause.

Sample letter from bank or financial institution to confirm a client’s loan

[Bank Name]

To whom it may concern:

This is to acknowledge that [Mr. John Smith] has taken a loan from [bank name] with reference number [account or loan number] on [loan start date].

The outstanding amount as of this date is [USD 123456].

This letter has been provided upon his request with no liability to the bank whatsoever.


Sample letter to request for a loan acknowledgement letter from your bank or the lender

Dear [Bank Name],

With reference to account number [12346], I would like to request from your respected bank to provide to me a loan acknowledgment certificate addressed to [someone].

Thank you.


Loan Acknowledgement Letter