Membership Confirmation Letter

How to confirm and welcome someone to the club?

  • Acknowledge the member’s application.
  • Welcome them
  • Mention the membership start date.
  • Inform the member where they can find out more about the club’s activities.
  • Ask them to read the club regulations.
  • Show how to ask for help.

Sample Letter

Dear [Recipient Name],

Thank you very much for your application. This letter is to confirm your membership in [club name] as of [date].

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the club rules and regulations. I have enclosed the member’s handbook for your reference.

All the club’s activities, events, timings, and other information can be found on our website _____.

If you have questions or inquiries you may send an email to _____, call the club’s hotline number, or approach the club administration office.

Welcome to the club!


Membership Confirmation Letter