New Manager Announcement Letter

How to write an email to announce the arrival of a new manager?

  • Introduce the new manager. Specify his role and exactly he fits in the hierarchy.
  • Write a paragraph about his/her expertise and history.
  • Highlight special skills that he/she has.
  • Explain how they will help the organization.
  • Request for everyone’s support and cooperation.
  • Announce the welcoming ceremony’s date and location, if applicable.

Sample Letter

Dear Team,

Please help me welcome [Mr. John Smith] who recently joined us as the manager of the [Finance] department. [Mr. John] will oversee operations in the [finance] department and will reporting directly to the chief executive officer.

[Mr. John] brings with him more than [15] years of experience in managing large [finance] teams in a diverse list of industries. His expertise is both rich and unique, which is exactly what we need here at [company name].

We are eagerly waiting for the improvements that [Mr. John] will bring into the organization and we need your assistance in doing that. Please offer him your usual unconditional support and coordination in order for us to realize our goals.

We will be having a small welcoming ceremony this [afternoon] at the [some place] to mark this occasion and to introduce him to the team. Your presence is highly appreciated.

Thank you all for your cooperation.


New Manager Announcement Letter