Payment Advice Letter

Payment advice letter could refer to one of two things:
  • A payment reminder letter that a supplier or vendor sends to a client to ask them to pay an overdue invoice.

  • A letter sent by a client to inform a provider that they made a payment.
In this article, we are going to explore both types of letters.

How to write a letter to remind a customer of their payment?

  • Mention the unpaid invoice number, the date of the invoice, and the amount that needs to be paid.
  • Make it clear to the client to which account this invoice belongs to and for against which service.
  • Specify a deadline for the payment.
  • Explain what happens if the payment is not made on time.

Sample Letter

Dear [Client Name],

This letter is a reminder that you have an unpaid invoice (#456987) with the total amount of [$1,500] which was due on [some date] against your account number [123456] as usage charges for the month of July.

We urge you to make the payment no later than [deadline date] in order to ensure continuity of service and to avoid late payment charges.

Please ignore this message if you have already made the payment.

Thank you for your business.

Have a nice day.

Best Regards

How to write a letter to inform that you made the payment?

  • Indicate the payment date and amount
  • Indicate the invoice number and your account number.
  • List all payment details: account numbers, transaction numbers, swift code, etc.
  • Attach to your letter a proof of payment.
  • Ask the recipient to confirm that they received the payment.

Sample Letter

Dear [Recipient Name],

I am writing this letter to inform you that [I/we] have made payment of [amount] against your invoice number [123457] dated [invoice date] and relating to [my/our] account number [7896565].

Payment details:

From Account Number:

From Bank:

To Account Number:

To Bank:

Transaction ID:

Swift Code:

Attached with this letter are proofs of payment and related documents for your reference.

Kindly confirm that you have received the payment as soon as it hits your account.


Payment Advice Letter