Payment Receipt Acknowledgement Letter Sample

A payment receipt letter confirms to the other party that you received the money that they have sent, deposited, or paid to you. It can be written by an individual or a corporate entity. Either way, the format of the letter does not change.

Payment receipts constitute legal documents in most cases, so they have to be very accurate and contain as many details as possible.

What information do you need to include in a payment acknowledgment?

  • The sender's name
  • The recipient’s name
  • Payment amount, in numbers and words
  • Payment date
  • Payment method (cash, bank deposit, wire transfer, check)
  • Sending account
  • Receiving account
  • Reason for the payment
  • Transaction number

How to write an email to acknowledge that you received payment?

  • Specify the amount that was received
  • Specify the date of payment
  • If necessary, indicate the method of payment: cash, check, wire transfer, etc.
  • Specify the reason for the payment
  • Mention related invoice number and date (optional)

Sample Letter

Your Name
Your Company Name (if applicable)
Your Address

Recipient Name
Recipient Company Name
Recipient Address

Dear [Mr. John],

This is to confirm that on [June 25, 2019], we received [$5000] (Five Thousand US Dollars) from you, sent from your bank account number [123456] at the [Allied Bank] and deposited into our account [954785] at [The National Bank] as a deposit for shipment number [412563] that you ordered on [May 1, 2019] and identified by transaction number [3658749].

Best Regards

Payment Receipt Acknowledgement Letter Sample