Please Accept This Donation Letter

How to write a letter offering a donation?

In this article, we are going to discuss how to write an email or letter to a charity or a social organization offering contribution or donation.

  • Introduce yourself. Identify the organization you work for or represent

  • Express admiration in the work that they are doing and how noble their cause is.

  • State your willingness to help and contribute to the cause. State why you want to help.

  • Describe your donation. If it is money, then just mention the amount.

  • Request from them to accept your donation.

  • Wish them luck.

That's all about it. Now let us see a sample letter.

Dear [person or organization name],

My name is John Smith and I am sending you this letter on behalf of [organization name].

Your organization has done so much work to help children with diabetes cope with their illness.

In recognition of this noble cause and the fantastic work you are doing, please accept from us a symbolic donation of $100,000 to support your activities and help them expand.

Please continue making the children happy and never stop. We wish you the best of luck.


Please Accept This Donation Letter