Safety Officer Appointment Letter

Sample Appointment Letter for Safety Officer Position


[Staff Name]

Appointment Letter

We are pleased to appoint you as Safety Officer with the following terms and condition:

1. Job Title and Description- You will be employed in the position of Safety Officer.

2. Salary Break up- You will be given a Total Salary of [Salary], [Salary in Words] per month. The salary structure is as follows

a. Basic Salary ___________
b. Accommodation Allowance ___________
c. Transportation ___________

Salary will be revised to _______ based on performance and KPI completion during the probationary period. Increment as per Organizational policy, based on performance appraisal.

3. Place of posting- [location]. Your job is transferable between any of the Units / Sister Concerns of the Organization/Group.

4. Working Hours- 48 Hours per week as per the Labor Law.

5. Contract Type- The term of this Contract shall be unlimited and the Employee shall be a full-time employee. After the Probationary Period, each Party may terminate this Contract by providing 30 days written a notice of intention to terminate the Contract to the other Party.

6. Probationary Period- Upto 6 months as per the Labor Law.

7. Annual Leave- 30 Calendar Days, on completion of a years’ service period. Annual Leave is credited/accrued at the beginning of the calendar year/or first day of employment. The Employee shall be entitled to 30 calendar days’ leave per annum to be calculated on a pro-rated basis where the Employee commences/leaves employment part way through the annual leave year. Leave may be taken only after six (6) months of joining the company, any leave taken within six (6) months of joining will be unpaid leave. In addition, the Employee shall be entitled to national holidays as declared for the private sector by the government, or days in lieu where the Company requires the Employee to work on such national holidays.
Remuneration for annual leave payout shall be paid as per Company’s policy

8. Air Passage- You will be entitled to an annual return air ticket to the employee’s home country after completing 1 year of the service. The contribution for Airfare will be as per the agreed rate card which will be reviewed periodically.

9. Medical Insurance- Group Medical Coverage for self.

10. You will abide by all the rules and regulations of the Organization, which shall be modified /changed by the Management from time to time.

11. You will not be permitted to work anywhere else on a part-time /full-time basis or seek any other employment, so long as you remain an employee of the organization.

12. The Contract is subject to receipt of satisfactory references, you being found medically fit for employment and your application for residence visa and work permit being accepted by the authorities.

13. The Organization reserves the right to refrain you from taking up a job with a competing organization in [Country Nam] for a period of two years without our written consent, during or after the contract period in accordance with the Labor Law.

14. The notice period for termination of service before the contract period shall be one month from the employee and employer’s side. Management reserves the right to relieve you immediately on receipt of the resignation notice without paying any compensation.

15. Any employee terminating the employment before the end of 12 months of service, will be required to compensate/ reimburse one month’s gross salary to the company. This is required to offset the costs incurred by the company on the onboarding including the Recruitment fees, Airfare, Licensing Fees, Advertisement Cost, Uniform, medical insurance Cost, etc.”.

Please sign and return the copy of this letter as a token for your acceptance of the Appointment and the terms and conditions.

The employment is confirmed in writing only after satisfactory completion of the Probation Period.

For [Company Name],

[CEO Name]
Chief Executive Officer

I hereby accept the appointment and the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

[Staff Name]

Safety Officer Appointment Letter