Sample Appreciation Letter For Good Performance

How to write a letter or email to show appreciation towards someone who performed well?

  • Inform the staff about their good performance.

  • Thank them for their the good work.

  • Say that the company is always monitoring performances and that good ones will not pass by unnoticed.

  • Cite some of their qualities that you find most valuable to the company.

  • Explain how much their work is important to the organization.

  • Ask them to continue what they are doing.

Sample letter

Dear [Staff Name],

We would like to share with you our deep appreciation for the great work that you accomplished last month.

We are always monitoring performances and good ones like yours do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Your work is important to the company and the fact that you are putting tremendous efforts into it shows a great deal of dedication and commitment.

Continue with the same passion and great things will happen for sure. Thank you and good luck.

Best Regards

Sample Appreciation Letter For Good Performance