Sample Suggestion Letter To Management

How to write an email or letter to suggest an idea to your manager? You have a great idea and you want to communicate it to your seniors in the best way possible. How do you do that?

Outline of suggestion letter:

  • Identiy an improvement opportunity or a problem.

  • Describe your suggestion or new idea.

  • Explain the benefits or the return on investment if spending is involved.

  • Provide numbers, facts, and illustrations to highlight the problem or the benefits.

  • Offer the managers a demonstration or request for a meeting to further explain the idea.

  • Thank them for their time and consideration.

Let's see how this works in a real-life scenario.

Dear Management,

I am writing this email to highlight a golden opportunity to increase sales this summer.

We already have a top-selling product in the name of GX243 and other products that are not selling as well. If we bundle the low selling products with our top performing one, we would effectively increase the sales, the profits, and liquidate our stock.

I am more than willing to demonstrate the different possible choices if you decide that the idea is worth investigating.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards

Sample Suggestion Letter To Management