Sample Warning Letter Employee Late Attendance

How to write a warning letter to an employee who continuously arrives late or leaves early?

  • Face them with the facts. Indicate when they arrived late or left early without approval.

  • Express your disappointment from this behavior.

  • Remind them that this is against the company policy.

  • Ask them to refer to the company guidelines on attendance and leave procedures.

  • Ask them to change and comply immediately.

  • Show optimism. Tell them that you are looking forward to the improvement.

Sample Letter

Dear [Employee Name],

It came to attention that you have not been reporting to the office on time as well as leaving early without prior notification or justification for one month now.

We like to remind you that this behavior is a clear violation of the company policy. There is a well-defined procedure for taking time off. If you need to arrive late or leave early then you need to take approval from your direct manager before doing so unless it is an emergency. Please refer to the employee handbook for more details on how to apply for time off.

We ask you to make immediate changes to ensure full compliance with the company policies. Consider this as an official warning letter.

Looking forward to the punctual improved version of you.

Best Regards

Sample Warning Letter Employee Late Attendance