Standing Order Cancellation Letter

We will examine in this page the process of writing a letter to your bank to cancel a standing order that you have previously set up.
Before you begin your letter, note down the below details:
  • Your bank account

  • The debiting account and bank name

  • The date of the standing order (optional)

  • The stopping date (when to stop the processing the order)

  • The standing order amount

Letter outline

The outline is very simple and consists of two paragraphs.

In the first paragraph, you list the existing standing order details which include the account number, the standing order number, and the date the order was given.

In the second paragraph, you state your cancellation request with the exact date.

Ready to use example

To [Bank Name],

I have previously signed standing order number [1234] to transfer each month an amount of [1000$] from my account number [4567] to account number [98742] with [foreign bank name].

I hereby request from you to cancel the standing order referenced above effective [some date].


Signature: _________________
Date: _____________________

Standing Order Cancellation Letter