Vendor Confirmation Letter

Vendor confirmation letter is used in any of the below scenarios:
  • You are a vendor and you want to confirm your attendance at an event.

  • You are an event organizer and you want to confirm to a vendor their attendance to an event.

Let us look at some examples:

Example confirmation letter from vendor

Dear [Event Organizer],

Thank you for your invitation to the sixth annual travel exhibition that will take place next month in New York. We hereby confirm our attendance and participation. We shall arrive on [some date] and plan to take part in the first three days of the main exhibition event.

We would also like to request from you to communicate details pertaining to the logistics of the exhibition as well as information that we need to know. We appreciate your acknowledgment to this correspondence.


Example letter from organizer to a vendor

Dear [Vendor],

We received your request to participate in the sixth annual travel exhibition. We delighted and honored to have you here with other vendors and therefore confirm your place in the exhibition.

Enclosed with this letter are the event guidelines, which you will find useful while planning for your presence. Please get back to us if you have any questions or doubts.

Looking forward to seeing you here.


Vendor Confirmation Letter