Voluntary Redundancy Acceptance Letter

How to accept a voluntary redundancy program that is offer by your employer? Employee letter to company.

  • Convey your interest in the program.
  • If the program has certain rules and conditions to join, first make sure that you satisfy the conditions.
  • Indicate that you have read the terms and that you accept them.
  • Request from HR to consider you for inclusion.

Sample Letter

Dear [Human Resources],

In response to the voluntary redundancy program that was announced last week, I would like to convey my interest in the initiative. Based on the conditions outlined in the announcement, I am eligible to apply for the program.
I have read the terms and I fully understand the consequences.

I hereby declare my acceptance and kindly ask you to consider me for the voluntary redundancy program.

Best Regards

How to accept an application from an employee to be included in the redundancy program? A letter from HR to employee.

Dear [Employee Name],

We received your request to avail the voluntary redundancy program at [Company Name].
After careful consideration, the company has decided to accept your request.

Moving forward, you will sign on the resignation letter that will be provided to you. The resignation letter will include the additional benefits and compensations as offered by the program.

Your last working day shall be on [some date].

You will be going through the standard resignation process. Enclosed with this letter is the exit process, which outlines all of your rights and responsibilities during the next phase.

Should you have any questions, please contact HR.


Voluntary Redundancy Acceptance Letter