Warning Letter To Vendor

How to a write to warning letter to a vendor?

  • Explain the issues and problems that you facing.
  • Ask the vendor to fix these problems.
  • Describe to the vendor what happens if they failed to respond. Hint at legal action.
  • Express your willingness to continue working with them if they fix the problems. You don’t want to cut off relationships just yet.

Sample Letter

Dear [Vendor Name],

We like to draw your attention to a number of disturbing issues that have occurred recently and that are not in line with the agreements and the understandings that we have.

First, your deliveries are being continuously delayed for no obvious reason. This is causing our business quite a disruption as a result.

Second, we noticed that many of the delivered items are not packaged properly or even damaged. That is just not acceptable at any level.

[More points here]

In the light of what has been discussed above, we ask you to do everything necessary to rectify these issues and take the necessary precautions so that they do not happen again.

We would like to remind you that our relationship is governed by contracts that you are required to honor. Failure to comply will result in the cancelation of the contract and the activation of the penalty clauses within.

We really hope that you can fix this situation so that we can continue doing business as we should be able to do.

Looking forward to your positive actions.


Warning Letter To Vendor