Follow Up Complaint Letter

Follow Up Complaint Letter to Customer

Dear [Mr. X],
I would like to follow up on the complaint you’ve submitted on [some date] regarding [some issue] and to make sure that it was solved as per your expectations.
Please confirm that your complaint has been addressed properly so that I can close your case. If not, then kindly explain what exactly is it that you require so that I can help you better.
Thank you very much for your feedback. Looking forward to helping you.

Follow Up Complaint Letter to Customer Service

Dear [Customer Service],
On [some date], I submitted a complaint regarding [some issue]. Well, I’m sorry to inform you that until now nothing has been done to resolve my problem despite the glamorous promises of a fast and satisfactory solution. I’m disappointed, frustrated, and strongly feel that it was a mistake doing business with you. Feel free to prove me wrong!

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