Restaurant Complaint Letter

Restaurant Complaint Letter

Dear Restaurant Manager,

I came to your restaurant on [some date] to enjoy a delicious meal with my wife and left your restaurant with a bitter feeling due to the horrible service and below par food.

First of all, we were not greeted properly and the fact that it took almost 10 minutes for us to be seated just says volumes about your business.

After we were seated, the waiter did not show up at our table for another 10 minutes. That is 20 minutes of waiting. After we finally ordered our food, it took almost 25 minutes for the first serving to come, and guess what, it wasn't the appetizers but the main dish. Yes, the main course was served before the appetizers.

The quality of food was dubious at best: the meat was chewy, the roasted chicken was freezing, and the vegetables were not fresh.

I am really shocked by what I had to go through that night. One would expect a completely different experience from a restaurant of your caliber.

I am pretty much sure that you are not thrilled about receiving complaint letters as such from your customers so I'm very interested to know what you are planning to do about it.

Waiting for your feedback.


Restaurant Complaint Letter