Authorization Letter To Postmaster

Authorization Letter To Postmaster

Dear Postmaster,

I am writing this letter to authorize [Name] to collect my mail from [Post Office Name] on my behalf. Due to [reason for absence], I am unable to collect my mail in person and therefore, I am authorizing [Name] to act as my representative.

[Name] will be presenting a valid government-issued identification card and a copy of this authorization letter to collect my mail. This authorization is valid from [Start Date] to [End Date], and during this time, [Name] will have full access to my mail and packages.

I understand that the contents of my mail are confidential and should not be disclosed to any unauthorized person. Therefore, I trust that you will ensure that my mail is only released to [Name] and that proper identification is verified before releasing any mail or packages.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please let me know if any additional documentation or information is required.


[Your Name]

Authorization Letter To Postmaster