Sample Speeches

Sample Speech Template


1. Greeting: Begin with a warm greeting to the audience.

2. Attention-grabber: Start with a thought-provoking question, a surprising fact, a relevant quote, or a brief anecdote to capture the audience's attention.

3. Topic introduction: Clearly state the purpose of your speech and provide a brief overview of what you'll be discussing.


1. Main Point 1: Present your first main idea or argument.

- Support: Provide evidence, examples, or statistics to back up your point.

- Explanation: Explain the significance of this point and how it relates to your overall topic.

2. Main Point 2: Introduce your second main idea or argument.

- Support: Offer evidence, examples, or statistics to strengthen your argument.

- Explanation: Discuss the implications of this point and its connection to the broader theme.

3. Main Point 3 (optional): If applicable, present a third main idea or argument.

- Support: Use evidence, examples, or statistics to reinforce your viewpoint.

- Explanation: Discuss the relevance of this point and how it adds depth to your topic.


1. Summarize: Briefly recap the main points you've covered so far.


1. Restate thesis: Remind the audience of the main purpose of your speech.

2. Call to action: Encourage the audience to take specific actions based on what you've discussed.

3. Closing thought: Leave the audience with a memorable quote, thought-provoking idea, or a sense of closure related to your topic.


1. Thank you: Express gratitude to the audience for their time and attention.

2. Final thought: End with a strong statement that reinforces your main message.

3. Applause line: Invite the audience to show their appreciation with applause.

**Delivery Tips:**

1. Maintain eye contact with the audience.

2. Speak clearly and at a moderate pace.

3. Use appropriate gestures and body language.

4. Vary your tone and pitch to keep the speech engaging.

5. Practice beforehand to ensure smooth delivery.

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